匠诣于形 创造于心

Twenty years of dedicated practice, repeatedly polished professional skills and quality have made Fuli Carpet a leading brand in the industry of handmade carpets. At the most delicate and elegant places throughout the world, you can see art in varies presentations woven in each pieces of these carpets, which are crafted by the extraordinary artists of Fuli Carpet. Fuli Carpet sees carpets as a layer to a space that connects it with art and fashion. Therefore, Fuli Carpet features the concept of Haute Couture by breaking the boundaries of people’s understanding of fabric techniques and their applications, integrating different exquisite craftsmanship into the woven carpet, many years ago, the craftsmen of Fuli Carpet made a breakthrough in applying the technique of embroidery into hand-woven carpets, we also blended in the craftsmanship of printing, inlaying and crystal processing with both traditional techniques and new technologies to free the artistic presentation of woven carpets. Menwhile, we selected high-quality wool from New Zealand and Australia as the main material, together with a variety of rare materials including silk, plant fiber, linen, crystal, gemstones, gold and silver silk, mohair from South African.
Fuli Carpet believes that carpet is the third space between human and the living space, where contains art and freedom. Every year, Fuli Carpet will work with renowned international architects and designers and launch the limited Designer Collection, in which the creative design and reading of space will be transformed into the carpets to illuminate our life. At the same time, it also collaborates with top galleries for its Artist Collection. Fuli Carpet releases two seasons of Living Collection every year, which takes ordinary high-end carpets as a medium to play with different styles in different seasons, to convey and define new styles in people’s cultural life. At the same time, Fuli Carpet shoulders due social responsibilities as a corporate and created the production line Hongcheng Lines for carpet materials in order to change the application of soft carpets in contemporary life.